Scientific Railgun x Attack on Titan

Crossover fan art featuring Misaka Mikoto – character from A Certain Scientific Railgun – in a costume from the Attack on Titan series.

A Certain Scientific Railgun meets Attack on Titan

A Certain Scientific Railgun manga began serialisation in April 2007. The anime first aired in October 2009, followed by a sequel in April 2013.

The Railgun is a spin-off of A Certain Magical Index light novel series though. Hence, the Misaka Mikoto character appeared as early as 2004.

Meanwhile, Attack on Titan started as a manga in August 2009 and adapted into anime in April 2013. The anime became a huge hit.

Credits: Pixiv, via Misao

Konata Izumi Windows Wallpaper

Wallpaper of Lucky Star’s Konata Izumi with the famous Windows screensaver as “background”.

Click image for full size (1600×1200).

Lucky Star Konata Izumi Windows Wallpaper

Bliss & Windows XP

The green hill and blue sky picture is the default computer wallpaper of Microsoft’s Windows XP. The image title is “bliss”.

Taken originally by Charles O’Rear in Sonoma County, California, USA.

Credit: Yeinjee

Adidas: boost running machine

Adidas Japan made a special running machine to promote their running shoes. Could be more interesting if mix it with a VR set.

Update: The video is gone. Don’t know why but Adidas Japan closed its Youtube channel.

Boost is the flagship running shoes of the Adidas brand.

The company unveiled the machine at the Tokyo Marathon Expo in February 2013. They also showed it in Tokyo’s Shinjuku and in Osaka City.

Below is another promotion video featuring some celebrities and athletes, who share their experiences with the running shoes.

Update: This commercial is no longer available too.

Furthermore, Adidas is also the sponsor for Japan’s national football team.

Chibi Mio Akiyama

Cute fan art of Mio Akiyama, from the K-On! anime and manga series.

Probably inspired by the moe moe kyun thing.

Chibi Mio Akiyama fanart

Credit: Soujirou

K-On! Nekomimi Switch [MMD]

Video of K-On anime characters doing the Miku Miku Dance.

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