MT Fuji in winter 2015

Beautiful video of Mt Fuji in winter season, early 2015.

Credit: AGG

Japanese egg croquette bread

For a nation that puts noodle (yakisoba) between breads, nothing else seems surprising any more. This egg croquette bread looks good though.

Japanese egg croquette bread

Credits: Tami0607, via Japanoffbeat

Walking in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

Explore the streets in Shibuya – a famous fashion center in Tokyo – from first person point of view with this video.

Credit: egawauemon

Tachikawa City’s Manga Park

Some photos from Tachikawa City’s Manga Park, a massive manga library (or rent-a-book store since it’s not free) in western Tokyo with a collection of 30,000 comics.

Tokyo Tachikawa City Manga Park

Cost 400 yen (US$4) per entry (which is quite affordable to most Japanese), plenty of books & spaces, and a dining area with curry and beer.

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Steam locomotive & cherry blossoms

Steam locomotive vs cherry blossoms in Shizuoka Prefecture.

Video by AGG, via Yeinjee