Hayate no Gotoku Cuties

Apparently the new Hayate The Combat Butler is going to be an “original” anime yet again. The new anime features a cutie theme which focuses on a female character in each episode. Coming soon in April 2013.

Hayate The Combat Butler Cuties

It won’t be a third season as many have hope for, and seems like the anime producer has abandoned catching up with the manga plots altogether.

Personally I like Hayate for its slapstick and randomness, so I’m fine even if they decide to not follow the manga as long as it’s funny enough.

It’s unfortunate though that some of the characters won’t get a proper introduction. For example Athena who seems to pop out of nowhere.

If you never read its manga it may be a bit difficult to follow this new show. At the least you won’t enjoy it to the fullest.

Credit: Yaraon