Currently watching: Toradora!

While waiting for K-On! to air on TV – and subsequently, the internet for international fans – the current anime show I am watching is Toradora!

Based on a light novel series and adapted by JC Staff, the anime follows the stories of Taiga, Ryuji and also their high school friends.

Toradora anime Taiga Aisaka GIF

At the beginning Taiga has a crush on Ryuji’s best buddy, and Ryuji likes Taiga’s best friend. And hence the two try to set up each other with their crushes, but through the process they fall in love instead.

Simple plot, but the characters and the scripts make it a fun anime to watch. So far it’s not too lovey dovey, it’s more like a high school drama anime.

Oh, and the female lead is a typical tsundere girl, if it’s your thing haha.