Chibi Mio Akiyama

Cute fan art of Mio Akiyama, from the K-On! anime and manga series.

Probably inspired by the moe moe kyun thing.

Chibi Mio Akiyama fanart

Credit: Soujirou

K-On! Nekomimi Switch [MMD]

Video of K-On anime characters doing the Miku Miku Dance.

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K-On! and Miku Nendo school festival

Cute Nendoroid setting with K-On! and Snow Miku.

Where’s my Ritsu and Mugi though…

K On Nendoroid figurines

K On Nendoroid figurines

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K-On! anime character album tops chart

Hokago Teatime – a two-CD mini-album performed by the characters of the K-On! anime series – became the first anime character CD release to top either the weekly album or single chart of the Oricon survey firm.

K-on Hokago Teatime Japanese album

The CD release sold 67,000 copies to debut at #1 on the latest weekly album chart. No other album credited to fictional anime characters has ever reached that high on the popular chart. Hence it’s a pretty remarkable achievement.

Judging by its trend we may see a second season of the anime. Not all shows will get a sequel just because it’s popular though, we can only hope.

Credit: Anime News Network

Azu-nyan nom nom nom

Kawaii fan art of Asuza Nakano from K-On anime series, nom nom…

K-on Azu-nyan cute fan art

Azunyan is her nickname by the senpai at the high school light music club.

Would be awesome if this is an animated GIF… still cute though.