YouTube Japan Music Week

YouTube Japan is streaming live performances of 16 artists/groups for 10 days in a roll (4.27-5.6) to celebrate the Golden Week.

Among the featured artists include AKB48, AAA, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Ayumi Hamasaki etc. Check above video (or via the YT page) for the schedule.

AKB48 sold million copies for So Long

So Long became girl group AKB48’s 10th consecutive single that sold over a million copies in the first week of release.

It’s a record for Japanese artists. Check out the short PV:

AKB48 So Long music video

The full “music video” is a 64 minute long film. The Nippon Television aired that as a three-episode special mini drama.

Qoo Bee Little – Positivity PV

Promo video for Positivity by Tokyo based singer-songwriter Qoo Bee Little. It’s a song from her debut album, Funny Buzzy… coming in March 2013.

Universal Music labelled her as a “genius”, it’s a dangerous branding because people will have higher expectation of her.

It’s a cute song though, far from great or genius stuff but not bad.

Credit: Universal Music Japan (YouTube)

Acid Black Cherry: Recreation 3

Acid Black Cherry’s Recreation 3 album jacket, which looks simply adorable.

Acid Black Cherry Recreation 3 album cover

Acid Black Cherry is the solo project of Japanese musician Yasu.

He usually wrote his own songs, but in the Recreation series he covers songs by other artists from different generation instead. In this new album the songs ranged from year 1983 to 1997.

I don’t think the girl in the picture is her daughter though, not even sure if he’s single or married.

Stereopony – Hitohira no Hanabira PV

Music video for Hitohira no Hanabira by all-girl rock band Stereopony. The song was the 17th ending theme for anime series Bleach.

Formed in Okinawa, Stereopony was active between 2007 and 2012. The three-member group have released 11 singles, three studio albums, and also a compilation album. They held their farewell concert last December.

Hitohira no Hanabira was their major debut in 2008. It may or may not be not their best selling single but most likely their most popular song over time because of the lasting legacy of Bleach.

Credit: Stereopony Vevo (Youtube)