Maaya Uchida ASCII Magazine

Seiyu Maaya Uchida in September 2014 issue of ASCII Magazine.

She has worked in anime series like Love Chunibyo, Idolmaster, GochiUsa and HunterxHunter etc.

Voice actress Maaya Uchida ASCII Magazine

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Newtype & Cross Ange: Rondo of Angels and Dragons

The October 2014 issue of Newtype Magazine features Cross Ange: Rondo of Angels and Dragons on its cover.

Cover image and and a teaser video by King Records below. Looks like a mecha anime, with battles against dragons and also a revenge plot.

Update: Apparently the content of the anime is a bit disturbing, the teaser doesn’t show that side though. Definitely not for kids.

So watch the full show with discretion please.

Newtype Magazine Cross Ange Japanese anime

Credit: Newtype & King Records

Maki Horikita Weekly Big Comic Spirits

Japanese actress Maki Horikita in No.16 (2013) issue of Weekly Big Comic Spirits Magazine. They branded her as “the woman like a flower.”

Maki Horikita Weekly Big Comic Spirits

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Newtype: Tamako Market

Tamako Market on March 2013 cover of Newtype anime-manga magazine.

Tamako Market Newtype anime magazine

Credit: Newtype

Aya Ueto Sweet Magazine

Actress Aya Ueto looks great in March 2013 issue of Sweet Magazine.

Aya Ueto Japanese Sweet Magazine

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