AKB48 Screen Magazine

AKB48 in a special pull-out from recent copy of Screen Magazine.

It’s a special feature for Documentary of AKB48: No Flower Without Rain, the girl group’s latest documentary film.

Magazine pictures first, check the teaser video end of the post.

AKB48 Japanese Screen Magazine

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Shonen Jump’s 20 Best Sellers of All-Time

The 20 all time best selling manga series which is/was published on Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine.

I’ve read 10 of these, on and off, plus two more in anime form.

#1 Dragon Ball (42 Volumes 1984-1995) 350 million copies sold
Dragon Ball manga

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Rena and Jurina Friday Magazine

Rena and Jurina of Japanese idol group SKE48 in December 2010 issue of Friday Magazine. The two are poster girls of the female pop group; fans often refer to the duo as WMatsui.

SKE48 Rena Jurina Japanese Friday Magazine

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