Konata Izumi Windows Wallpaper

Wallpaper of Lucky Star’s Konata Izumi with the famous Windows screensaver as “background”.

Click image for full size (1600×1200).

Lucky Star Konata Izumi Windows Wallpaper

Bliss & Windows XP

The green hill and blue sky picture is the default computer wallpaper of Microsoft’s Windows XP. The image title is “bliss”.

Taken originally by Charles O’Rear in Sonoma County, California, USA.

Credit: Yeinjee

Lucky Star Konata boring wallpaper

Konata waiting for school to end so that she can go home for anime and games. Not sure if it’s an official wallpaper or fan art, click image for full size.

Lucky Star Konata Izumi wallpaper

Haruhi x Star

Haruhi Suzumiya and Lucky Star crossover fan art (not by me).

Haruhi Suzumiya and Lucky Star fan art

The school uniform is from Haruhi series; but the pose and background are from Lucky Star’s opening theme.

The characters are a combo though. It looks more like the Haruhi gangs at first glance but there are features from the Lucky folks too.

BTW, Kadokawa published both the original manga, while Kyoto Animation produced both the anime series.

Lucky Star sketch sold for US$14,000

A sketch of a Lucky Star character by popular game illustrator Naru Nanao has sold for 1,311,000 yen (about US$14,000) in an online auction.

Lucky Star Kagami Hiiragi sketch

Naru Nanao is the artist’s pseudonym. She’s famous in Japan as a character designer for video games and also light visual novels.

She originally drawn the sketch of the Kagami Hiiragi character to mark the end of the Lucky Star anime series.

She’s not part of the team producing the anime nor manga though. The artwork was a special gift in a lucky draw by a magazine in 2007.

It means the money will go to the reader who won it back then, LUCKY.

Credit: Anime News Network

The Melancholy of Konata Izumi

Fan-made video for Lucky Star anime series with a Haruhi crossover.

It shows the Lucky Star characters – especially Konata Izumi – in the opening theme for The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya anime series.

The creator drew many of the footage from scratch, with reference from the original show of course. There are some minor flaws but for a fan art it’s very good, well done. Wonder how long it takes for the fan to make this though.

Speaking of which, I suddenly have the urge to watch Lucky Star again.

Credits: Nico (Japanese) & Red Devils 500a (Youtube)