K-On! The End

The first season has ended quite fast. They cramped two years of high school stories into 13 episodes, they could easily make that into 24.

Read that the show is very popular in Japan so they’ll probably make a second season soon. They might regret rushing the first season though.

K-on Japanese anime

Update: The second season is coming in 2010, check this tag for updates.

K-On! cosplay wallpaper

K-On! wallpaper in cosplay style. Click image for full size (1280×800):

Japanese anime K-on cosplay wallpaper

Ritsu = Faye Valentine from Cowboy Bebop. Who are the others though?

Speaking of K-On! apparently the anime series has only 13 episodes. Too bad it’s that short because it looks good and really fun so far.

Bet they will make a second season soon.

Credit: Randomness

Mio~ nurse costume play

Fan art of Mio Akiyama from K-On! in nurse costume, must be Sawako’s fault.

K-on Mio nurse cosplay fan art

BTW, if it’s not obvious enough, I named this blog after Mio chan.

Mio was my favourite in the beginning but later I like Ritsu more. It’s because she seems to have more character whereas Mio is too perfect-ish.

Mio moe moe kyun GIF

This will go down to be one of the iconic moments of K-On! anime series.

Mio Akiyama doing the moe moe kyun~ thing during the girls’ training camp.

K-on Mio moe moe kyun

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K-On! seifuku wallpaper

K-On! wallpaper with the light music club members in their school uniforms.

Looks like a fan art (not by me). Click image for full 1600×1200 size:

K-On anime wallpaper

BTW, the Sakuragaoka Girl’s High School in the anime is fictional.

However, like many KyoAni productions it’s set on real location; this time it’s the Toyosato Elementary School in Shiga Prefecture.

Pretty sure there will be fans going on a pilgrimage trip soon.