Azu-nyan nom nom nom

Kawaii fan art of Asuza Nakano from K-On! anime series. Nom nom…

K-on Azu-nyan

Azunyan is her nickname by the senpai at the high school light music club.

Would be awesome if this is an animated GIF. Still cute though.

K-On! cosplay wallpaper

K-On! wallpaper in cosplay style. Click image for full size (1280×800):

Japanese anime K-on cosplay wallpaper

Ritsu = Faye Valentine from Cowboy Bebop. Who are the others though?

Speaking of K-On! apparently the anime series has only 13 episodes. Too bad it’s that short because it looks good and really fun so far.

Bet they will make a second season soon.

Credit: Randomness

Mio~ nurse costume play

Fan art of Mio Akiyama from K-On! in nurse costume. It’s all Sawako’s fault.

K-on Mio nurse cosplay fan art

Mio moe moe kyun GIF

This will go down to be one of the iconic moments of K-On! anime series.

Mio Akiyama doing the moe moe kyun~ thing during the girls’ training camp.

K-on Mio moe moe kyun

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K-On! seifuku wallpaper

K-On! wallpaper with the light music club members in their school uniforms. Looks like a fan art (not by me), sorry don’t know the original source.

Click image for full size (1600×1200):

K-On anime wallpaper

The Sakuragaoka Girl’s High School in the anime is fictional.

However, like many Kyoto Animation productions it’s set on real location; this time it’s the Toyosato Elementary School in Shiga Prefecture.

Pretty sure there will be fans going on a pilgrimage trip soon.