Figma Nanoha Takamachi: Excelion Mode

Figma of Nanoha Takamachi in Excelion Mode from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha The Movie 2nd A’s. Scheduled release 2013/07.

Figma Nanoha Takamachi Excelion Mode

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Nendoroid Cecilia Alcott

Nendoroid Cecilia Alcott (of Infinite Stratos) preview photos. Scheduled for release in August 2013.

Nendoroid Cecilia Alcott of Infinite Stratos

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Petanko Tenshi

Penguin Parade’s Petanko Tenshi (Angel Beats) preview, scheduled for release in June 2013. Petanko are chibi figures all sitting in the same cute pose.

Angel Beats Tenshi Petanko

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Sailor Moon 22k gold card

Amada’s 5th anniversary memorial 22K gold Sailor Moon trading card. They only made 1995 (or less) of these cards, making this one of the rarest trading cards in the franchise. And it’s beautiful.

Furthermore, like many other Japanese collectables, the collectors had to win the card by certain methods instead of direct purchase. So, the number of these cards in the market is actually less than the production figure.

Sailor Moon 22k gold card

Full story on Nopy who recently managed to add this into his collection. He didn’t mention the price though, but it’s worth it regardless from fans’ point of view. And it’s freaking gold… its price will persevere.

Cute dancing robots

This is cool, and cute, and probably a bit creepy too haha. If not mistaken the YouTuber created the dolls (not purchased) and also the programs.

Credit: Rozen Zebet (YouTube)