World Food & Beverage Great Expo

Photos from The World Food And Beverage Great Expo (FABEX) at Tokyo Big Sight last week – including real foods, fake foods and food techs.

The good…
World Food Beverage Great Expo Japan

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Tamako Market pilgrimage

A fan’s visit to Kyoto’s Demachi-Masugata shopping street which the scene (not the story) of Tamako Market anime is based on.

Credit: tskobaya

Domino’s Pizza meets Hatsune Miku

Domino’s Japan has launched a phone app featuring Hatsune Miku.

The video says it all, but the most epic part is that the presenter is actually the company president. It’s so wacky it’s almost brilliant.

Dominos Pizza Hatsune Miku

Credit: Official Website

Dragon Ball soda drinks

Ka-me-ha-me-ha! Dragon Ball canned drinks by Japanese beverage company DyDo. Wonder what’s the taste like.

Japanese Dragon Ball carbonated drinks

Credit: Jamaipanese

Night sakura in Kyoto

Found this lovely photo via EpicPotatoChip on Reddit, I don’t think he or she is the photographer though.

Japanese night sakura near Kyoto

I once read that there are 2000 places to view cherry blossom in Kyoto LoL. It’s difficult to guess what place this is.