Japanese anime 2015 spring chart

Japanese anime 2015 spring (Mar-May) chart, prepared by Stargazed.

The return of Gintama is probably the highlight of the season.

Click image for full size.

Japanese anime chart 2015 spring

Summer 2013 anime chart

Summer 2013 anime preview chart by Atxpieces. Click image for full size.

Summer 2013 Japanese anime chart

Looks like a quiet season.

The interesting one is perhaps Free! by Kyoto Animation. They are doing boys high school stories instead of girls (as they usually do) this time.

Spring 2013 anime chart

Spring 2013 anime preview chart by Norza. Click image for full size.

Japanese anime Spring 2013 preview chart

This is going to be a good season for me because of the Railgun sequel and a new instalment of Hayate.

Yahari aka OreGairu is from a popular light novel so probably worth a look. And I’ll probably check out Girls und Panzer too, it just ended and seems like it’s trending in Japan.

Winter and Spring 2011 anime chart

Winter & Spring 2011 anime preview chart by The Cart Driver.

Hope 2011 will be better than 2010, at the moment guess I am sticking with Gintama first. Click image for full size.

Winter 2011 anime chart

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K-On! season 2 is coming… really?

Just saw this, the anime list for Spring 2010, and there’s K-On! sequel in the lineup, hooray! Click image for full size:

Japanese anime Spring 2010

A very good reason for this blog to comeback to life haha, because we started for the anime after all. And we named it after one of the characters too.

Not sure how the story will pan out though, they cramped two high school years into a short (first) season and now have to do 24 episodes for one year instead. Hope it’s going to be a fun show regardless.

Credit: Chartfag