Samurai Armour Grand Exhibition Tokyo

Video from an exhibition featuring samurai arms and armour in Japan. Hosted by Marutake Sangyo – the world’s famous samurai armour manufacturer from Kagoshima Prefecture – in January 2010.

The company makes samurai sets for drama series, movies, and also for museums. The website in the video is their official global distributor.

Not sure why common people would buy a samurai armour though… just curious. Bet it’s not cheap so it’s not regular cosplay stuff.

Credit: Hayakawa Junpei (Youtube)

Yamanashi, the home of Mt Fuji

Before getting to more anime stuff, here’s an official Japan tourism video instead, which features Yamanashi, the “home” of the famous Mount Fuji.

Yamanashi Prefecture is a popular destination for its natural scenery and cultural sights. It’s close to Tokyo and easily accessible by road or rail.

Besides being the gateway to Mt Fuji, Yamanashi is also famous for Buddhist temples, hot springs and national parks etc.

Credit: Visit Japan (Youtube)

Full size Gundam robot in Tokyo

Tokyo has built a full scale Gundam figure to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the epic mecha anime series.

The first Gundam series, aka Mobile Suit Gundam, aired in Japan in April 1979 to January 1980. It’s the beginning of a media franchise with multiple sequels, spin-offs, movies and also video games.

In addition it’s also the start of the popular Gunpla figure collections. In 2008 Gunpla makes up 90 percent of the Japanese character plastic-model market.

Besides its own legacy Gundam also inspired many other modern mecha anime series. It’s the grandfather of the genre, they will probably set up a museum for it someday.

Update: Although it’s not entirely Gundam themed, the franchise is the highlight of the Bandai Museum in Tochigi. The museum also features exhibits from Ultraman and Godzilla etc.

Credit: Asahicom (Youtube)

Blood: The Last Vampire trailer

Trailer for Blood: The Last Vampire, an English action-horror movie. It’s a remake of the 2000 Japanese anime film of the same title.

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Aya Hirano x Suzumiya Haruhi no Gekido

Voice actress Aya Hirano in a promotion video for Suzumiya Haruhi no Gekido, a Japanese video game for the Nintendo Wii consoles.

Released by Kadokawa in January 2009, the exercise and music game features the characters from the Haruhi Suzumiya anime and manga series.

Meanwhile, Aya Hirano is the voice actress for the titular role in the anime series. She becomes very popular after the TV show, and seems like she works in this game too. And she’s cute isn’t it?

Not sure if the game is playable outside of Japan though. They may limit this to specific region because of distribution rights.

Update: Looks like it can’t be played outside of Japan (without mods) indeed. You really have to be in Japan to experience the whole anime culture.

BTW, speaking of Kadokawa, it’s not primarily a game maker. Its main business is magazines and manga, they are the publisher of Haruhi manga series. Their famous magazines include Shonen Ace and also Newtype etc.

Credit: Kadokawa Anime (Youtube)